The American Conservative Union 2015 Award for Conservative Achievement (national recognition)

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility 2016 Leadership Award

2015 and 2016 Idaho Food Producers Agriculture All Star

2015 Friend of the Cooperative Council (the only freshman ever awarded)

2016 Outstanding Legislator of the Year, Idaho Chiropractors Association (1st ever)

Idaho Farm Bureau Friend of Agriculture

Idaho State 4-H 2016 Friend of 4-H

Appointed to the Suicide Prevention Council by Governor Otter

Appointed to the Idaho Rural Council by Speaker of the House Bedke


Representative Troy is a smart, savvy legislator who works hard to represent her district. Her competent ability to draft sensible legislation and partner with others made her especially effective as a freshman legislator. She understands the issues facing her constituents, the region and the state, and brings home results.

Scott Bedke – Speaker of the House

Vito Barbieri endorses Caroline Nilsson Troy
  • That a healthy business climate and strong work ethic contribute to a powerful state.

  • That quality education is essential to our future.

  • That a practical, pro-business approach to small business, agricultural and natural resources is key to a healthy Idaho economy.

  • That we have the right to keep and bear arms.

  • That the rights of private property owners should be protected.

  • That personal integrity, ethics and responsibility are core to society.

  • In keeping taxes fair, regulations reasonable, and government small.


In 1962, I was born in Lewiston to Genesee natives Jon Nilsson and Ann Becker Nilsson.  In 1971, my family moved to Botswana, Africa, where Dad established the Foundation Seed program and managed the research farm for the Botswana College of Agriculture. Returning to the U.S. in 1977, I worked alongside my parents and brothers on the family farm and ranch (Latah, Nez Perce and Clearwater counties).

After graduating from the University of Idaho in 1984, I married, farmed, and raised registered cattle in Southwick. In 1992 I went to work as a professional fundraiser, helping to secure private support for students, faculty, programs and communities in Idaho and Washington.

These experiences did much to shape and solidify my values of personal responsibility, integrity, and fiscal conservatism. I believe in the power of local communities to resolve issues vs. endlessly creating bigger government as the solution.