I feel blessed to live and work in Idaho, with clean and abundant water, vast natural resources, and friendly and safe communities. Our hard-working folks in District 5 contribute to a healthy Idaho. I’ve focused my efforts on resolving challenges that impact Latah and Benewah counties, while being a strong advocate for making sure the rural voice is heard in Boise. Our campaign focuses on these three issues of great importance that affect those citizens: building a stronger education system; creating business opportunities; ensuring responsible government.


Serving you in the Idaho Legislature has been an honor of a lifetime. I’m very proud of my many accomplishments during my terms in office. I'm especially proud of the bills that originated with ideas from the citizens of the district.

I am currently serving on the following legislative committees: Joint Finance AppropriarC, the Judiciary and Rules Committee, and vice chair of the agricultural affairs committee. Serve on Standing Joint Legislative Oversight Committee. Co-chair of the interim intrastate commercial air service study committee. Federalism subcommittee on education. Founder and chair of Farm, Ranch and Timber Caucus.  


Bills I sponsored on behalf of citizens in Latah and Benewah counties:

2020 Session

2019 Session

2018 Session

  • H0383a   CIGARETTE AND TOBACCO TAXES - Amends existing law to provide for collection and enforcement.

  • H0515     INCOME TAXATION - Amends existing law to provide that the addition to taxable income for a nonqualifed withdrawal from a college savings plan is limited to contributions previously exempt from Idaho state income tax and earnings generated from the program as long as the earnings are not already included in federal adjusted gross income.

  • H0522     CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE - Amends existing law to revise requirements regarding the content of certificates of insurance.

  • H0531     ALCOHOL - Amends existing law to limited immunity to minors seeking or needing emergency medical assistance. 

  • H0545a   WINE - Amends existing law to provide for personalized labels and customized private labels under certain conditions.

  • H0567a   CEMETERY MAINTENANCE DISTRICTS - Amends and adds to existing law to revise procedures for the consolidation of districts.

  • H0634     EDUCATION - Adds to existing law to establish provisions regarding suicide prevention in schools.

  • HCR044   THE DIOCESE OF BOISE -Stating findings of the Legislature and recognizing the contributions of Catholics in Idaho history and congratulating the Diocese of Boise and all Idahoans of Catholic faith on the one hundred twenty-fifth anniversary of the creation of the Diocese of Boise.

  • HCR054   JERRY KRAMER - Stating findings of the Legislature and congratulating Jerry Kramer on his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

  • SCR127   IDAHO COMMUNITY FOUNDATION - Stating findings of the Legislature and honoring the Idaho Community Foundation for its outstanding charitable and philanthropic endeavors and services to the people of Idaho.

2017 Session

  • H0033    WINE DIRECT SHIPPER LICENSE - Amends existing law to provide that a wine direct shipper license may be suspended under certain conditions.

  • H0041    INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES - Adds to existing law to provide that accounts established under the federal Achieving a Better Life Experience Act shall be disregarded when determining an applicant's eligibility for certain programs or grants and to provide for certain assistance subject to appropriation.

  • H0081    HEALTH CARE - Amends and adds to existing law to revise provisions regarding the Idaho Conrad J-1 Visa Waiver Program.

  • H0092    WINE - Amends existing law to revise certain wine license requirements associated with retail beer licenses.

  • H0099a  REAL ESTATE LICENSES - Amends and adds to existing law to authorize the Idaho Real Estate Commission to issue a cooperative license to an out-of- state broker working with an Idaho broker for a commercial real estate transaction; to establish the terms and conditions of a cooperative license; and to authorize a license fee.

  • H0119    REAL ESTATE APPRAISER BOARD - Authorizes the Idaho Real Estate Board to collect and remit fees necessary to provide appraisal management services in connection with federally related transactions from an appraisal management company to the appropriate federal agency.

  • H0153    FOREST LANDS TAXATION - Amends existing law to extend a sunset date on the use of certain criteria regarding timber productivity valuation and forest management cost allowances.

  • H0185    INCOME TAXATION - Amends existing law to increase the amount that may be deducted annually for contributions to a college savings program.

  • HCR023 UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO - Stating findings of the Legislature and commemorating the University of Idaho on its 125th anniversary.

  • S1139a  HEALTH CARE - Adds to and amends existing law to provide that certain hospitals or facilities shall specify which persons have authority to admit patients.

2016 Session

  • H0456    GRAPES AND WINE - Amends existing law to revise provisions regarding tax on the production of wine and on certain grapes and grape juice.

  • H0472    LICENSE PLATES - Amends existing law to provide that the Idaho Transportation Department shall provide new plates bearing the same number or, if requested by the owner, the next available number, as it applies to certain vehicles for purposes of specified provisions of law.

  • H0478    PUBLIC RECORDS - Amends existing law to provide that records of any certification or notification required by federal law to be made in connection with the acquisition or transfer of a firearm are exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Act.

  • H0515    SCHOOL DISTRICTS - Amends existing law to provide for formal written performance evaluations and when a school district shall be excused and to provide for written evaluations of principals and assistant superintendents. 

  • H0521a  ALCOHOL - Adds to existing law to provide limited use immunity to a minor who acts in good faith and for a medical emergency, to provide requirements and to allow prosecution for other charges.

  • HCR032 PULSE CROPS - Stating findings of the Legislature and recognizing pulse crops.

  • HCR041 GREAT SEAL - Stating findings of the Legislature and commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Great Seal of the State of Idaho, and honoring its designer Emma Edwards Green.

  • S1250     ADVANCED PRACTICE REGISTERED NURSE COMPACT - Adds to existing law to enact the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Compact.

  • S1258     FISH AND GAME - Amends existing law to remove reference to the University of Idaho Caine Veterinary Teaching and Research Center and to provide for the annual transfer of certain moneys to the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Department of Animal and Veterinary Science.

  • S1285a  ENGINEERS AND SURVEYORS - Amends existing law to revise provisions regarding examinations and a candidate who fails an examination, and to provide that the licensure board may issue a restricted license to engineering faculty under certain conditions.

2015 Session

  • H0005     PHARMACY - Amends fingerprinting requirements for certain applicants.

  • H0081     GEOLOGISTS - Amends existing law relating to geologist examinations.

  • HCR016   BENEWAH COUNTY - Stating findings of the Legislature and recognizing and congratulating Benewah County and its residents for the county's Centennial Anniversary in 2015.

  • HCR024   FAMILY CAREGIVERS - Stating findings of the Legislature and endorsing efforts by the Idaho Caregiver Alliance to explore innovative means to support uncompensated family caregivers in Idaho.

  • HJM011  WATER RESOURCES - Stating findings of the Legislature and opposing the removal or breaching of dams on the Columbia-Snake River System and its tributaries and recognizing Idaho's sovereignty of its water resources.

  • S1036      DENTISTRY - Amends existing law to require licensees to provide notice of felony convictions.


HB = House Bill  

SB = Senate Bill - Legislation that becomes law if approved by both House and Senate, then signed by the Governor.

HCR = House Concurrent Resolution   

SCR = Senate Concurrent Resolution– An adoption of a motion, the subject matter of which would not properly constitute a statute. 

HJM = House Joint Memorial  

SJM = Senate Joint Memorial – A petition or representation made by the House and concurred by the Senate, or visa versa, addressed to whoever can effectuate the request of the memorial.